Is your business on course?

How’s your business doing? Do you know what’s missing? Start to find your way by answering a few questions and using tools that are focused on your goals.

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 It Takes a 40,000 Foot Owners Viewpoint to Find Success!

We inspire you to reach for success and not settle for less.

  • Tech, Tools & Talk, free online meetup to make the best use of technology in your business with presentations and open discussions by experts and users.
  • B2B Inspiration Station, a free online meetup that introduces you to owners of all kinds of businesses local, national and international with real experiences to share about what they learned along the way that you can use.

We mentor you to achieve success through critical thinking & strategy. 

  • BOSS-Talks (Business Opportunities for Success Series) online webinars, give you practical advice and strategy you can learn and apply.
  • First Looks Mentoring program introduces you to mentors and gives you an opportunity to walk away with expert advice. Download the application and read more.
  • Owners MBA workshops and mentoring on Saturdays give you a business education, make you think and get you organized.
  • First Success webinars, co-sponsored by Lee & Hayes, pllc, help fill in owners business knowledge gaps.
  • BOSS-Tools & Ebooks let you use our expertise to do a lot yourself.

We partner with you to develop and run your own scalable, profitable business your way.

  • By the Numbers Program, whether it’s sales or financials, look to our experts to get you on the right path that you can realistically accomplish.
  • Strategy First Planning Program, works with you one-on-one to prioritize and organize the best way for you to become successful faster and safer.
  • Business Development Intervention Program, an intense 2-year expert-led program with sales and financial management reviews, appropriate tools to build a business, and the development of systems you need to achieve success.
  • Income Generation Partnership, reserved for select businesses and owners. We share the risk and the reward.

Here’s to your success!
Jan Triplett, Ph.D.
CEO, Business Success Center

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